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Need for Speed Heat: Soundtrack - these songs are part of it

In Need for Speed you will hear the Heat soundtrack during almost every activity. The song played depends on your activity and the current time of day. Moreover, it is selected from a set of specific tracks. The soundtrack includes a total of 58 songs compiled from different genres.

These songs are part of the Need for Speed Heat soundtrack

The song you hear on the radio in Need for Speed depends on the time of day and what you are currently doing. In total, the soundtrack consists of 58 songs.
  1. During the day, while you are driving around, you will choose between songs like "Levantate" (KLTR), "Tu Manera" (INNA), "Coisa Boa" (Gloria Groove) or "Collateral Damage" (Burna Boy). In total, there are ten songs that you can hear in this situation.
  2. At night, the playlist changes and it is selected from other fifteen songs. These include hit, such as "Don`t Stop Get It" (Bear Grillz feat. Bok Nero), "Copy" (Melii feat. Odalys) or "Worryin`Bout Me".
  3. If you drive a race, is selected during the day between ten and at night between another ten songs. The latter includes the songs "Novocaine" (Valentino Khan & Kayzo) and "Pay Day" (NOMA$).
  4. Find yourself in your garage, then there are another twelve songs that are played there. This selection includes tracks like "Man`s First Inhibition" (NGHTMRE & ZHU feat. Kidd Keem), "Pro" (Alvaro Diaz), "Reload" (Eve feat. Konshens) or "Say Yeah" (TroyBoi).

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