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Can you also play 2DS games with Nintendo DS?

Many users would like to play the games of the new 2DS console on the older Nintendo DS as well. In this article, we explain whether the 2DS games are playable on the DS and how you can get new games for your Nintendo DS console.

This is how playing 2DS games on Nintendo DS is possible

If you want to play games developed for Nintendo 2DS on a Nintendo DS console, this is possible without any problems. This is because all consoles in the DS series, in terms of games and software, are compatible with each other.
  1. Inversely, you can play older games developed for the DS console on the 2DS console. However, this is only possible if the games do not have a module slot.
  2. In addition to being able to play 2D games on the Nintendo DS, you can also play them on the newer console models, such as the Nintendo 3DS or the New Nintendo 2DS XL.
  3. Please note here, however, that switching on 3D effects is not possible when using 2DS games on the 3DS console.

How to get 2DS games for the Nintendo DS console

The compatibility of 2DS games with the Nintendo DS console applies both to physical games that you need to insert into the appropriate slot on the console, as well as the download versions of the games. If you want to download 2DS games to your Nintendo DS, you can do so either via the Nintendo website or the Nintendo eShop. All you need for this is an Internet connection and a Nintendo account.

By Gothard

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