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Zinio: Which magazines are available? An overview

Zinio is aimed at people who like to read magazines digitally on their computer or mobile device. If you're interested in what's on offer, we'll give you an overview of the magazines that can be found there.

Incredible selection: At Zinio you can find thousands of magazines from all categories.

The world is online and so is the world of books and magazines. Zinio offers easy access to digital editions.

Zinio: Well-known magazines as examples

According to Zinio's own information, you can find over 6,000 magazines at Zinio. Therefore, a complete listing is hardly possible. Particularly important categories and their representatives are:
  • For women: Brigitte, Brigitte Woman, Vogue
  • Technology: Beat, Wired, MacLife, Connect, PC Magazine
  • Nature and Travel: GEO Saison, Backpacker, Condé Nast Traveller
  • Home: Livingetc, Schöner Wohnen, Better Homes & Gardens, Salon, ELLE Decoration
  • Business: Forbes, Fortune, Business Punk, Capital
  • Science: GEO Wissen, P.M., National Geographic, Cosmos
These examples already show that Zinio's offering covers an enormous breadth with many well-known publications. It should be noted that not only German magazines are included - so the international focus is also taken into account.You can get an official overview here, sorted by category if you wish.

By Malvin Brissenden

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