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Escape from Tarkov: Prices and editions at a glance

If you want to get into Escape from Tarkov now, this is possible via pre-order. Indeed, this will give you access to the closed beta, which is already underway. We present the editions and their prices.

For all budgets: Escape from Tarkov is available in four editions.

Already the closed beta in Early Access attracts many players every day. Entry is possible with different editions.

Escape from Tarkov: Four editions and prices

Escape from Tarkov is available in four editions:
  • Standard: For 34.99 euros you get access to the closed beta and of course later to the finished game. Your stash is 10 x 26 cells.
  • Left Behind: This package costs 57.99 euros. As an advantage over the cheaper version, you get a larger hideout with 10 x 36 cells.
  • Prepare for Escape: For 79.99 euros, your hideout measures 10 x 46 cells. In addition, you start with a good reputation with all dealers.
  • Edge of Darkness: This edition is limited. It costs 109.99 euros, for which you get a lair with 10 x 66 cells, initially good reputation with the dealers, a unique in-game ID and access to all future DLCs (via Season Pass).
The purchase is possible exclusively here. Eines Tages könnte das Spiel auch bei Steam (und anderen Plattformen) verfügbar sein, doch das steht noch nicht fest.

By Sosthenna Talford

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