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Apple Watch: settings - how to configure the watch

If you are a new Apple Watch owner, you may not yet be aware of how to properly set up your watch. That's why we're going to show you how to set it up so you can customize the watch to your individual needs.

How to configure the Apple Watch

Once you get to grips with the device and have made the first settings on your Apple Watch, you will notice how simple this process is.
  1. To open the settings of your Apple Watch, you need to press the dial - immediately you will get to the home screen. There you will find the gray gear icon, which allows you to adjust settings.
  2. You can dim the display with a few clicks. This way, the brightness does not bother you when you want to sit in the cinema or sleep, for example. Simply turn the digital crown for this.
  3. "Do not disturb" is not always optimal, because otherwise you will receive absolutely no more notifications. The theater mode, on the other hand, ensures that the lights stay off. For this, you just need to tap the two masks in the menu.
  4. Just prepare short messages to send notifications via the clock. For this, you can store one or more standard responses in the settings.

You can not find the desired setting?

Not all settings you can make directly on your Apple Watch. Therefore, you should also always look at the options offered by the Watch app on your iPhone to tailor the functions of the watch to your personal everyday life.You might also like:Apple Watch: contacts missing - this helpsApple Watch pairing - these options you haveApple Watch functions - this has the watch to offer Print

By Adiana Iossa

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