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Delete Safari history from iPhone - this is how to do it quickly

Browsing history provides you with a detailed list of all visited web pages and allows you to conveniently track which web pages were accessed last. Despite this useful feature, you should delete your browsing history regularly. This will guarantee that your browser responds quickly and loads pages.

Deleting browsing history in Safari: How to do it on iPhone

  1. On mobile devices, the history is not deleted directly via the browser, but must be removed via the settings.
  2. To do this, go to your settings and look for the Safari entry.
  3. There you will find the item "Delete history and website data".
  4. Now you can remove all relevant data or keep certain data.

Delete browsing history on Mac

The browsing history in Safari is quite easy to delete. Already in a few steps there is no trace left of your visited websites.
  1. First open your browser and click on the Safari item in the menu bar.
  2. Now navigate to the "Clear History..." item in the new menu.
  3. Im neuen Fenster haben Sie nun die Möglichkeit, den Zeitraum anzugeben, in welchem der angelegte Verlauf gelöscht werden soll.
  4. Sobald Sie mit Ihren Einstellungen zufrieden sind, klicken Sie abschließend auf „Verlauf löschen“.

By Bauske

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