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Safari: How to clear history

Browsing history provides you with a detailed list of all the web pages you have visited and allows you to conveniently track which web pages you have accessed recently. Despite this useful feature, you should delete your browsing history regularly. This will guarantee that your browser responds quickly and loads pages.

Clearing browsing history in Safari - here's how

Clearing browsing history in Safari is quite easy. Already in a few steps there is no trace left of your visited websites.
  1. First open your browser and click on the Safari item in the menu bar.
  2. Note that this step may look different on mobile devices.
  3. Now navigate in the new menu to the entry "Delete history...".
  4. In the new window you now have the option to specify the period in which the created history should be deleted.
  5. Once you are satisfied with your settings, finally click "Delete history".

Delete history on iPhone

  1. On mobile devices, the history is not deleted directly via the browser, but must be removed via the settings.
  2. Dazu wechseln Sie in Ihre Einstellungen und suchen nach dem Eintrag Safari.
  3. Dort finden Sie weiterhin den Punkt „Verlauf und Websitedaten löschen“.
  4. Nun können Sie alle relevanten Daten entfernen oder bestimmte Daten beibehalten.

By Gisella

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