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iPhone X Clear Safari History: How to do it

You can clear Safari history in the settings of your iPhone X. This will remove cookies as well as history, and the iPhone will delete the data from the browser cache. Favorites and bookmarks are not affected.

Clear History on iPhone X

Safari is Apple's default browser and can be managed via System Preferences. Here you can also find an option to clear history and website data. History is a history that stores all the websites you visit. You can search the history by keywords or have it filtered by date. Website data includes, among other things, cookies. Cookies contain data about your user behavior. These are called up when you reopen a website and are used to show you personalized content. For data protection reasons, these should be deleted regularly. The browser cache is also deleted. In the cache, the browser stores content of a website in order to load it faster later. This can create large amounts of data that slow down the browser. Auch dieses Problem lösen Sie durch das Löschen von Verlauf und Websitedaten.

So löschen Sie den Verlauf

  1. Öffnen Sie die Einstellungen des iPhone X.
  2. Wählen Sie „Safari“.
  3. Tippen Sie ganz unten auf „Verlauf und Websitedaten löschen“.
  4. Wählen Sie „Verlauf und Daten löschen“.
  5. Der Verlauf und die Cookies werden nun entfernt. Dies kann einige Minuten dauern.

By Panaggio

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