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iPhone Cache Clear - How to clear the memory manually

If you own an iPhone, it can sometimes be useful to clear the cache. Usually, this is done automatically by all iOS devices. However, a bug can cause this not to happen.

How to clear your iPhone's cache manually

A cache is a buffer memory that stores data only temporarily. In case of some technical errors, it can be helpful to clear the iPhone cache manually.
  1. The first thing you need to do is to force a restart. To do this, briefly press the volume up button, then briefly press the volume down button. After that, press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears. If the device has been restarted, it usually automatically deletes the data in the cache.
  2. If you use many different apps, these also put various data in the cache. To delete them, you need to start the respective app, go to the settings and there go to "Clear cache".
  3. To ensure that the cache is automatically cleared again, it is usually worthwhile to install the app with the largest memory consumption again.
  4. Also make sure that you always have the latest system update installed, as this can also prevent the cache from being properly cleared.

Cache der größten App vollständig leeren

So finden Sie heraus, welche App den meisten Speicherplatz verwendet:
  1. Gehen Sie auf die Einstellungen Ihres iPhones.
  2. Navigieren Sie danach auf „Allgemein“ > „Benutzung“ > „Speicher verwalten“.
  3. Hier wird nun angezeigt, wie der Speicher verteilt ist und Sie sehen, bei welcher App es sich besonders lohnen könnte, Speicher freizugeben.

By Bernice

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