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iPhone X: Clear cache - how to clean up your iPhone

If your iPhone X does not run as fast as usual, this may be due to the cache memory. If this is full, it affects the entire smartphone. Normally, the iPhone empties the memory automatically. Now and then, problems occur and you have to empty the memory manually.

iPhone X: Set up virtual home button

Clearing the cache is done via a key combination, but it also includes the home button. Since the iPhone X no longer has a mechanical home button, you must first activate the virtual button in the settings.
  1. Call the "Settings" app and select the item "General".
  2. Tap there on the item "Operating aids".
  3. Activate the option "AssistiveTouch". After activation, a new virtual button appears, which you can use to access the home button.

Clear cache: How to proceed

After you have activated the AssitiveTouch feature, you can now clear the cache, as you have access to the virtual home button via the function.
  1. To do this, hold down the power button until you see the "power off slider".
  2. Tap on the virtual AssitiveTouch button. Es erscheint dann ein radiales Menü mit verschiedenen Einstellungen.
  3. Tippen Sie im Menü auf den virtuellen Home-Button und halten Sie ihn gedrückt, bis Sie wieder auf dem gewohnten Homescreen sind.
Um Ihre Daten brauchen Sie sich, wenn Sie den Cache leeren, keine Gedanken machen. Diese werden beim Löschen des Cache nämlich nicht angerührt.

By Gurtner Thorsted

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