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Wipe cache partition - how to clear cache on Android

The term "wipe cache partition" can be found in the recovery menu on Android devices. If you have frequent problems with your smartphone, it may help to clear the device cache to fix them. You can find out how to proceed correctly to clear the cache here with us.

Use wipe cache partition on Android

The cache of your Android device is where data is cached so you can access it quickly. However, over time, a lot of data accumulates in this cache, making your smartphone slower or causing errors. To delete the temporary files from the cache of your Android smartphone, please turn it off first.
  1. Then start the smartphone in recovery mode by pressing the appropriate key combination when restarting. Depending on the manufacturer, this usually consists of the "Power button" and the "Volume up button".
  2. Once the smartphone is in recovery mode, a menu appears on the display, in which you please go to the entry "wipe cache partition" using the volume up buttons.
  3. Now confirm the selection still by pressing the "Power button" of the device and wait while the process is performed.
  4. To restart your smartphone afterwards, please go to "reboot system now" in the menu.

How to clear the cache of individual apps

If there are problems only when using a particular app, you have the option to clear its app cache. To do this, navigate to the "Apps" menu item in the settings of your smartphone and search for the corresponding app. Once you have found the app, please tap on the entry and select "Clear cache" to delete all temporary app data.

By Doak Chubb

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