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Scrum vs. Kanban - therein lies the difference

Scrum and Kanban are frameworks with which you can optimize processes. This is to promote the efficiency of employees, which is why these applications are mainly used in project management. They have some things in common, but also have a few differences.

Scrum vs. Kanban - similarities and differences

To be able to decide for one of the two framework applications, it is important to know the differences and the similarities. So you can decide individually for yourself whether rather Scrum or Kanban is suitable for your requirements.


  • Scrum and Kanban are both agile and lean.
  • Teams can organize themselves independently.
  • They both work according to the pull principle; the Scrum framework for sprint planning, Kanban for the entire board.
  • The release schedule is optimized; Scrum calls this team velocity, Kanban lead time.
  • Deliverable software increments should be released quickly and often.
  • Es sollen Optimierungspotentiale aufgezeigt werden, um Effizienzsteigerungen herbeizuführen; bei Scrum geschieht dies durch den Scrum-Master, bei Kanban durch den Stakeholder und das Management.
  • Die Anzahl der zu erledigenden Aufgaben wird limitiert; in Scrum macht dies der Sprint, in Kanban heißt es hingegen „Limit your WIP“, wobei „WIP“ für „Work in Progress“ steht.


  • Scrum versieht alles mit einer Time-Box.
  • Ein Product-Backlog ist in Scrum zwingend, in Kanban hingegen optional.
  • Scrum verfügt über Burndowncharts, Kanban nicht.
  • In Scrum werden Schätzungen vorgeschrieben, in Kanban gibt es diese Funktion nicht.

By Leah Sgroi

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