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Update XAMPP now - these steps are necessary

The XAMPP software is used to simulate a server on your Windows system. Since servers can be a delicate instrument, it is advisable to keep the related tools up to date. Fortunately, XAMPP can be updated quite easily and can therefore be updated quickly.

Update XAMPP: What you need to do

Unlike most programs, an update is not installed automatically. So it's up to you to move the new files to the appropriate location.
  1. To begin, go to this website and download the latest version of XAMPP.
  2. Now you need to go to the installation directory of XAMPP. In addition, browse the "Programs" folder and look under "Documents".
  3. It is important to find the folders "xampp", "htdocs" and "mysql" and make a backup of them.
  4. Now uninstall the current version of XAMPP on your computer. Try to remove all residual files from the PC if possible before proceeding to the next step.
  5. Install the latest version of the program directly afterwards and copy the backup to the installation directory. Überschreiben Sie in diesem Schritt alle Dateien.

XAMPP kann nicht geupdatet werden

  1. Wenn bei der Installation ein Problem auftrifft, gehen Sie einige Schritte zurück und überprüfen Sie, ob noch Restdateien vorliegen.
  2. Lassen Sie zur Sicherheit ein spezielles Programm die Registry durchforsten, um alle Einträge zu löschen.
  3. Auch ein Neustart des Computers kann diverse Probleme beheben.

By Tonry Roeser

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