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How to find the right OneDrive storage space

Microsoft OneDrive is among the most popular cloud storage spaces among home users. As its market share grows, Microsoft has expanded its offerings so that every user profile can find the OneDrive storage space that suits them best.

OneDrive storage space is available in different tariffs for individual needs.

On July 27, 2016, Microsoft angered many customers who were using OneDrive for free. Because the until then free 15 GB were permanently reduced to 5 GB. Users who had already registered for the free offer before January 31, 2016, however, may continue to use 15 GB. Together with the Camera Roll bonus, it is even 30 GB.

Overview: How much OneDrive storage is available at what price?

In addition to the free offer, we take a look at the paid storage packages:
  • 100 GB costs 2 euros per month.
  • More options are available for Office 365 owners: Microsoft Office 365 Single customers get 1 TB (that's 1,000 GB) for 7 euros per month or 69 euros per year. Office 365 Family customers get 6 TB of storage for up to six users. For this, 10 euros per month or 99 euros per year are due.
  • With OneDrive for Business and Office 365, business users have further tariffs available: With Plan 1, it is 1 TB for 4.20 euros per month, with Plan 2 you get 5 TB for 8.40 euros per month.
With this wide range, Microsoft wants to provide an individually suitable selection. Private users and business customers benefit equally and are no longer dependent on external hard drives.

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