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Android: Show storage space

By default, your Android device has pre-installed storage space that you can use to store data. When installing multiple apps and getting images and files, the memory fills up quite quickly. To check how much memory you have left, there is a certain function.

Show storage space: How much is still available

Android has a display for the already used and still available storage space in the settings. A distinction is made between the SD card and the already installed memory.
  1. Go to the settings of your Android device and navigate to the item "Memory".
  2. Within this area, you get an overview of the already used memory as well as the still available memory.
  3. In the overview, you can also switch between the inserted SD card and the internal memory.
  4. For further structuring, you will also find a point for "Apps", "Pictures" and "Music".
  5. Using various other functions, you can completely free the memory as well as delete the cache and installed apps.

Android: How to get more storage

  1. To free up more memory, you should uninstall unnecessary apps from the device.
  2. Sie können auch eine SD-Karte in das Smartphone einlegen und Dateien sowie Apps auf diese verschieben.
  3. Zudem sollten Sie hin und wieder den Cache leeren.
  4. Verschieben Sie empfangene Bilder und Videos vom Smartphone auf ein anderes Gerät.

By Kawai

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