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Valheim: Storage space needed? These crates are available

The more items you collect in Valheim, the more important storage space becomes in your base. Crates are available for this purpose. We explain which variants you can build.

Lid open, lid closed: crates are enormously important for item management in Valheim.

Ores and metals, potions and food, trophies and skins - the list of items in Valheim is extremely long. All the more indispensable are crates in which you can store the objects.

Valheim: Three crates to choose from

In Valheim you can currently build three crates:
  • The normal crate, which you can build from the beginning, requires 10 wood and offers the same amount of storage space.
  • Once you have access to iron, you can build the Reinforced Crate. This costs 2 iron and 10 precious wood, in return you get 18 places per crate.
  • A special purpose is the Personal Crate: This costs 8 iron and 10 precious wood, but offers only six slots. The real advantage of this crate is that only the owner has access to it - this can be interesting for multiplayer sessions when separation of goods is desired.
The personal crate can be destroyed by other players with an axe; however, this requires some time, since the crate has relatively many hitpoints. Für alle Kisten benötigen Sie lediglich eine Werkbank, keine Schmiede.

By Karina Erchul

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