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No Man's Sky: Swap ships - how it works

You can buy a new ship in No Man's Sky or get it by swapping. The latter option often makes sense. We explain the reasons and show what to consider and how to proceed.

Swap and save: By shimmying from ship to ship, you save money.

Swapping is the preferred way to get a better ship in No Man's Sky.

No Man's Sky: Swapping ships - advisable or not?

Whether in orbit or on the planets: NPCs regularly arrive in stations with their ships. You can buy or exchange these by addressing the NPC owner When you exchange, the value of your current ship is offset:
  • Example: If your current ship is worth 500,000 units and you want to buy an NPC ship worth 900,000 units. You only pay the difference of 400,000 Units when you swap.
  • This is especially worthwhile in the beginning when money is tight and you only need one ship anyway.
  • Important: Before completing the swap, transfer all items from your inventory to that of the new ship. Upgrade parts you can also disassemble and transfer the materials as well. This will not reduce the trade-in value of your ship.
The scanner visor gives you the most important info about each ship right at a glance. Class, type and stowage are namely displayed to you. Auf diese Weise k├Ânnen Sie beim Landeplatz einer Station einfach so lange warten, bis ein Schiff eintrifft, das Ihren Vorstellungen entspricht.

By Trammel

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