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No Man's Sky: Get Atlas Pass - how it works

Some doors and many loot boxes can only be opened with an Atlas Pass in No Man's Sky. This one also comes in three levels. Our guide explains how to get the access cards.

Sesame, open: The Atlas Passes are important for gaining full access.

The Atlas Pass often presents newcomers with question marks. Yet the solution is by no means complicated.

No Man's Sky: Obtain Atlas Pass via Atlas missions

Atlas Passes can be found in factories in the game world of No Man's Sky with a lot of luck. However, it is more reliable to make them yourself. For this, you need to play the corresponding story path:
  • In the course of the story, you will get access to Atlas locations and missions relatively early. Important for this are the anomaly and the NPC Polo, who is in the same room as Nada.
  • This will give you the blueprint for the Atlas Pass V1. To make it, you need a microprocessor and 200 copper.
  • With the Atlas Pass V1 you can open certain boxes and some doors. However, the rewards are not too valuable.
  • As an upgrade, there are also the Atlas Passes V2 and V3. These are also available with a small probability in factories on planets. Der Signal-Booster hilft, die Gebäude zu finden.
Mit einem Atlas-Pass der höheren Stufe können Sie alle Objekte und Türen niedrigerer Stufen öffnen. Der Atlas-Pass V3 ist damit das erklärte Ziel, da die beiden anderen Pässe dann gar nicht mehr benötigt werden.

By Elkin Tichnell

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