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No Man's Sky: Disable HUD - how it works

The Head Up Display (short: HUD) provides you with all important information in No Man's Sky. Nevertheless, you can turn it off if necessary. Our guide shows where to find the setting.

Without HUD, you'll take nicer photos in No Man's Sky.

Without HUD, No Man's Sky looks nicer, but it lacks information.

No Man's Sky: How to hide the HUD

Proceed as follows:
  1. Open the "Options"
  2. Select "General Options"
  3. There you will see the entry "HUD", which is set to "Enabled". Change the setting to "Disabled".
The interface now does not include any additional information. This looks clearer and more photogenic, but is not very practical, since details such as quest signals, your spaceship location are no longer visible. As a permanent setting, the HUD hiding is rather not advisable, but only for special purposes.

By Samp

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