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Huawei P Smart: Connect Smartphone to PC

From time to time, users connect their smartphone to their computer to transfer data from internal memory or an SD card to their PC. This way, you can free up storage space on your smartphone as well as transfer music and other content from your computer to your smartphone.

Huawei P Smart: Connect smartphone to PC - easily

To transfer files from your Huawei P Smart to PC, you will need the included USB cable that you received when you purchased the smartphone.
  1. Make sure the smartphone is turned on and connect the included USB cable to the smartphone using the appropriate port.
  2. Now find a free USB port on the computer to connect the other side of the cable.
  3. After a brief moment, your computer will automatically detect the smartphone and ask you on the smartphone how to proceed now.
  4. At this point, select "Transfer Data" to move files back and forth.

Huawei P Smart: Smartphone wird nicht vom PC erkannt

  1. Überprüfen Sie zunächst, ob der USB-Port am Computer möglicherweise defekt ist, indem Sie ein anderes Kabel und einen anderen Port ausprobieren.
  2. Wechseln Sie ebenfalls das Verbindungskabel, um einen Defekt auszuschließen.
  3. Möglicherweise wurde das Smartphone doch erkannt, Ihr Computer gibt nur keine Meldung.
  4. Wechseln Sie in diesem Fall manuell in den Explorer.

By Pratt

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