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Laptop slow - this may be the reason

You keep noticing that your laptop takes long to perform various actions and becomes slower overall? This is not a rare occurrence, nor is it abnormal. If you regularly clean up your laptop and pay attention to which programs you install, you can prevent this condition for a long time and even gain performance afterwards.

Laptop slow: These are the most common causes

It's not uncommon for your laptop to lose performance from time to time. Simple wear and tear of components and diminished hard drive space are everyday occurrences when using a computer.
  1. Often, the slow response speed of your laptop is simply because the installed hard drive is already very full. The more data has to be read, the longer the laptop needs to run.
  2. Too little RAM is also a critical point that even many modern models still suffer.
  3. Generally, a drop in performance is usually more quickly noticeable with weak components than with expensive and powerful components.
  4. Of course, faulty links and malicious software can also lead to a drop in performance.

Laptop slow: How to make it faster again

  1. The first important thing is to clean up the hard drive. Sollten Sie eine HDD besitzen, können Sie eine Defragmentierung durchführen.
  2. Bei einer SSD ist es vor allem entscheidend, unwichtige Programme zu deinstallieren und ungenutzte Dateien zu löschen.
  3. Säubern Sie Ihre Registry durch die Hilfe spezieller Software.
  4. Rüsten Sie Ihren Laptop durch mehr Arbeitsspeicher oder eine bessere CPU auf.

By Salita

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