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Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs - preview of upcoming update

Minecraft has always been considered a timeless legend, but is getting another update in 2021 that should boost its lifecycle once again. Read what features Caves & Cliffs is expected to bring.

Deep caves, high mountains: both are getting a thorough overhaul in Caves & Cliffs.

Even many years after its release, Minecraft is still a hit. The scope of the next update confirms that.

Minecraft: This is Caves & Cliffs

According to the name, the reworking of caves and cliffs will be the focus of the update.
  • Specially the caves are a wish of many players, because they spend so much time there. Because of this, the generation will be improved so that new impressions and experiences are created.
  • The same goes for mountain biomes. In both cases, the update is intended primarily to provide more variety.
  • This will take the form of new blocks. Known so far are the Sculk sensor, copper ore and stalactites / stalagmites.
  • Also planned are new monsters, of which the Warden will be hostile to you, while the Axolotl can help you.
The list of all improvements will become more complete over time. The update is planned for the summer of 2021; no exact date has been set yet.

By Simsar Vuillemot

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