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Linux operating system - these are the features of the OS

Linux is one of the most popular operating systems, along with Microsoft and MacOS X. Thereby not only one version exists like with Windows, but there are many different variants, which offer different functions. Linux is only the kernel, the operating system variants have their own names.

How exactly do the Linux distributions work?

When talking about Linux, different operating systems can be meant. In the core these use Linux as a kernel, however the systems differ in the Drumherum. Since Linux-Base is an Open Source Project, each individual and also each enterprise can arrange itself its own distribution and so its own operating system.
  1. Ubuntu is a very well-known Linux distribution, which is published by Canoncial. Here, there are certain versions that are released at fixed dates. The operating system is also available as Lubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu. These are variations of the main operating system, which have a modified interface.
  2. Another well-known Linux distribution is Debian. This is completely open source and is developed by the Debian community. This is based only on free and open source software, which any person may use at any time. Bis jetzt sind dabei über 50.000 Pakete programmiert worden, die alle zu Debian hinzugefügt werden können und das System mit mehr Funktionalität erweitern. Die Pakete werden dabei in Repositories abgespeichert und können aus dem Web heruntergeladen werden.

By Ritchie Hodde

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