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Microsoft Flight Simulator: All info about the VR update

From a technical point of view, Microsoft's new Flight Simulator set new standards and was thus not only interesting for aircraft enthusiasts. With the VR update, the game now looks even more impressive.

Above the VR clouds: the view from the cockpit becomes even more impressive with the update.

When Flight Simulator 2020 was re-released, anticipation was high given the photo-realistic graphics.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Virtual Reality thanks to update

Now the experience is heightened in the form of VR support.
  • The patch, which went live in December, has been dubbed by Microsoft as the final update of 2020, and given the impact of VR, this seems fitting.
  • All major VR devices are supported, including top-of-the-line sets like Valve Index and HTC Vive. This was done deliberately to allow as many players as possible access to the VR sphere.
  • The control via motion controller of the respective VR set is not possible, however. You have to resort to the conventional input devices (controller, mouse and keyboard, joystick).
In the game, you start the VR environment with "Ctrl" + "Tab". Since the VR update is a whole 42 GB, you should start the download in time.

By Pulcheria Coulbourne

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