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Is the Wii U backward compatible? Find out here

If you've been using a Wii console up to now, you should find out whether the new Wii U is backwards compatible before you buy it. You can get an overview of whether you can continue to use your old games and the previous accessories here.

All information about the backwards compatibility of the Wii U

The Wii U from Nintendo is the successor of the Wii and has been available in Germany since 2012. Have you previously used an older Wii console and want to switch to the newer model, the question arises whether you can continue to use the games of the old console on the new Wii U.
  1. Since the Wii U is backward compatible, playing older games on the new console is possible without any problems.
  2. Also accessories such as controllers or microphone can be connected and used with the new Wii U console. So you do not have to buy new accessories and can play your favorite games on the new console.
  3. Andersherum games developed for the Wii U are not compatible with older Wii consoles and therefore not playable on them.

How to set up the new Wii U

Independent of whether you want to play games developed specifically for the console on your Wii U or use old games of the Wii console, the egg setup is required before the first use of the TV console. Connect the Wii U here first via HDMI cable with your TV and establish a WLAN connection under "System Settings" > "Internet" > "Connect to Internet".

By Kendry Moscicki

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