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Handelsblatt Print on subscription: How much does the magazine cost?

As Germany's leading medium for financial news, Handelsblatt is almost mandatory for many industry employees. The print subscription is still a popular option, which we present below.

Daily delivery: with a print subscription, you receive the Handelsblatt free every morning.

Print editions are still considered classics in the magazine world. With such an established name as Handelsblatt, there is a subscription to match.

Subscribe to Handelsblatt in print: Subscription at a glance

On the print subscription here is all the important info:
  • You get the first twelve months in the annual subscription at the preferential price of 533.60 euros.
  • This is more than 260 euros savings compared to the regular monthly price of 66.70 euros, which you pay from the thirteenth month. From this time you can cancel monthly if necessary.
  • The print edition appears every trading day, so every weekday on which the stock exchanges are open. Delivery is always free.
  • In addition, you get the newsletter of the editor-in-chief.
The first six weeks you can book for 19.99 euros, before you either pay 66.70 euros per month or perceive the annual subscription. To the subscription it goes here along.

By Sula Barschdoor

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