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N26 Business: costs and features

N26 wants to serve business customers as well as private customers. An easy entry is allowed by N26 Business, which covers the essential functions. Especially for self-employed and freelancers, the account is supposed to be a way to better manage the money earned. There are various advantages to consider.

Simple stuff: N26 is free and relies on basic features.

N26 Business: free model for basic features

Since entering the market, N26 has grown rapidly. As a result, the digital bank's offering continues to grow and includes business accounts. N26 Business is straightforwardly structured and therefore quickly explained:
  • The account is completely free.
  • The cash withdrawal in euros is free of charge, with foreign currencies are also no fees.
  • Additions such as travel insurance are not included.
  • In addition, it is possible to pay contactless with NFC technology or alternatively with your smartphone. You do not receive an additional card.
The associated Mastercard is only available in one color, namely transparent with a black stripe on top. N26 Business is interesting for business customers who want to get to know the bank risk-free. An upgrade to N26 Business You is of course possible at any time if you need more features. The Business smart account will cost you 4.90 euros and Business You 9.99 euros per month. However, both accounts offer far more features and benefits, such as travel insurance or shared spaces. The ultimate account model is offered by N26 Business Metal for 16.90 euros per month. With this account you get all the benefits you can expect from an account, especially numerous insurances are included.

By Pompei

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