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WhatsApp Business: features and capabilities in check

Communication is fundamentally important for most businesses. WhatsApp Business is aimed at business users looking for a modern way to organize and connect with customers.

With WhatsApp Business, you can improve communication with customers.

Since WhatsApp is so common among the population, it lends itself to adaptation for business purposes.

These features are in WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is characterized by the following features:
  • You can create a business profile and present useful information there.
  • Quick replies are a step towards automation, for example for constantly recurring questions.
  • Related to this are automated out-of-office notes.
  • Labels allow you to clearly organize contacts and chats.
WhatsApp Business is available for free and exists for Android and iOS. Originally, WhatsApp Business was developed primarily for small businesses, but thanks to the features is also interesting for other sizes.

By Walcoff Herriman

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