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Amazon Business Prime: Costs and content in check

The Prime model is so successful that it is also available for business accounts. Of course, different prices apply than for private accounts. But at the same time, the offer also includes special benefits that are only attractive to businesses.

With Amazon Business Prime, commercial customers receive some benefits - for an additional charge.

In Germany alone, Amazon's Prime counts several million private customers. So it's only logical that the service should also be made palatable to business customers.

Amazon Business Prime: Costs depend on the number of users

Currently, Amazon Business Prime is available in four price categories. All prices are net, i.e. excluding sales tax:
  • Duo: 35 euros per year for one user
  • Basic: 70 euros per year for up to three users
  • Small: 200 euros per year for up to ten users
  • Medium: 500 euros per year for up to 100 users
  • Unlimited: 4.000 Euro per year for unlimited users

All benefits at a glance

Depending on the subscription, various features are available to you and your company:
  • All deliveries are free of charge, regardless of the order value. This applies to all subscription models.
  • A preferred date delivery is also available to all Amazon Business Prime customers.
  • The third feature, which is available for all subscription models, allows you to purchase frequently purchased products at lower prices. You unlock these by making regular purchases.
  • From the Basic subscription, you get the Amazon Docs feature, where you can securely view your invoices online.
  • Amazon Guided Buying allows you to create purchasing guidelines for your employees. This feature is also available starting with the Basic plan.
  • With Amazon Spend Visibility, you can perform comprehensive analyses to optimize purchasing. From the Small package you can use the tool.

By Changaris

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