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24symbols: Costs and content of the eBook flat rate in check

Love novels, nonfiction, how-to books, biographies and more: 24symbols aims to cover the entire spectrum. The growing selection shows that this plan is working. We introduce the subscription.

Not for eBook readers: 24symbols is aimed at mobile device users.

Among the numerous eBook flat rates, it is not always easy to keep track. If you did not know 24symbols yet, we present the service below.

24symbols: That's what the service costs - and that's what you should pay attention to

Here's the most important info about the premium subscription at 24symbols:
  • 24symbols costs 8.99 euros per month.
  • You are allowed to read an unlimited number of books during the term. The assortment includes over a million eBooks.
  • Use is possible via app on mobile devices (Android and iOS) and PC. eBook readers are not natively supported.
Particularly the last point should be noted, as it determines for which type of reader the offer is interesting: Who prefers to read on his eBook reader such as the Kindle, for which 24symbols is probably not the first choice. Fans of eBooks on iPad and Co. on the other hand can be happy about a large and growing library.To sign up, go this way.

By Nidorf

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