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SIXT Plus: What are the costs? We explain the car flat rate

In any form of car purchase, finances play the main role. SIXT+ is no different, and that's why our guide takes a look at the expected costs as well as the price range.

Small or large? SIXT+ offers a wide range of vehicle categories and price classes.

Cars cost money - but with models like SIXT+ there is no risk, as all eventualities are included in the flat rate price.

SIXT Plus: These are the costs depending on the category

The costs of SIXT+ can be summarized simply:
  • In the beginning there is the starter fee of 199 euros. This is unavoidable and has nothing to do with the vehicle category. The fee is comparable to the down payment in car leasing.
  • Then it goes to the running costs. The price list starts at 349 euros per month for a small car of the VW Polo class and ends only at 1,349 euros for a luxury sedan like the S-Class from Mercedes or the BMW 7 Series.
  • The final amount depends on the configuration. Options include, for example, the monthly mileage, additional drivers or trips abroad.
  • Further costs for insurance, maintenance, TÜV, tax and repairs you do not have to bear yourself, because they are included in the price. Only at the gas station additional expenses are incurred.
  • Cancellation is possible monthly, but only after the minimum term of three months.
SIXT+ is thus a premium offer for people who want to own a car relatively flexible and thereby value a great all-round package. All official info is available on this page.

By Slack Mudget

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