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Kobo Plus: All info about the reading flat rate

If you are one of those people who read several books per month, a reading flat rate is a worthwhile option. For Kobo owners, there was the Kobo Plus subscription for some time. However, this is no longer available. For this reason, you will have to resort to other e-book subscriptions.

Kobo Plus in cooperation with bol.com

With a reading flat rate, you pay a fixed amount per month and can read an unlimited number of books from a certain selection in return. Amazon is considered a pioneer of this principle in the eBook market with Kindle Unlimited, but the competition has followed suit.Kobo Plus is offered as a result of a cooperation on bol.com. However, the program for owners of a Kobo reader is only available to residents of Canada. German users must therefore access alternatives.
  1. Meanwhile, there are many different e-book subscriptions, but not all you can use with the Kobo reader.
  2. Since the readers usually also support PDFs, you can use the Onleihe flat rate. Here you can borrow an e-book for a maximum of 14 days and also only if there are still copies available. This is namely a digital virtual library.
  3. Also other reader providers offer special flat rates. Usually, these are tailored to the corresponding devices. Some offer apps to be able to read the e-books on Android and iOS devices.
  4. Whether a flat rate is also suitable for the Kobo Reader depends on the offered formats of the content. In addition, you may have to download the eBooks to the device via an external hard drive or the Internet, as there is no suitable app for the Kobo reader.

By Eirena Henneberg

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