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Readfy: What are the costs for the reading flat rate?

Readfy wants to stand out from the crowd of eBook providers with a completely free model. Does that mean there really is no cost? Our guide has the answer.

Free, but with advertising: the Readfy concept is not complicated.

Data is the new gold, as it can be profitably used for advertising. Readfy also relies on this.

Readfy: No costs - but advertising

The Readfy model is structured as follows:
  • Unlike most other eBook services, Readfy is completely free.
  • The service generates revenue through advertising. These readers can not hide, as there is no payment option.
  • The deal is thus clearly defined: Those who can regularly accept ads, do not have to spend a euro to read the content of Readfy.
  • For technical reasons, you can therefore only use Readfy in the app for Android or iOS. For owners of a real eBook reader, this can also be a disadvantage.
After all, if you are not sure whether the advertising is too much for you and whether you want to read permanently on your smartphone or tablet, there is nothing to stop you from just trying it out, thanks to the free model. All the official info is here.

By Babita

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