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N26 Business You: All info on the digital business account

With N26 Business You, the up-and-coming online bank is not targeting private individuals, but the self-employed and freelancers. N26 You already exists for private customers. The business version is based on this, but has a few peculiarities. The service is also associated with monthly costs.

N26 Business You is a more comprehensive alternative to the regular business account.

N26 Business You: For customers who want more

If you are self-employed or freelance, N26 Business You is an option for you. Whether this is a possibility for you depends on the benefits offered. These can be summarized in a few points.
  • N26 Business You is a fee-based current account specifically for business customers. The private N26 account is also subject to a fee. For both accounts, the price is 9.99 euros per month.
  • You can withdraw cash worldwide free of charge.
  • Travel is safer thanks to travel cancellation insurance, theft protection, as well as support for medical care abroad.
  • There is 0.1 percent cash back on all purchases with the business card.
  • You can create up to ten Spaces. These are so-called sub-accounts to allocate expenses and income in a more targeted manner. Furthermore, so-called Shared Spaces with other people are possible. So you can, for example, manage business expenses together.
  • The Business Mastercard is available in five colors.
  • With MoneyBeam and the SEPA transfer in real time, you can also make, receive or request important transfers faster.
Compared with other account models of this kind, the offer of N26 seems quite attractive. Those who do not need the features, but still want to have a business account, will find it in the free alternative N26 Business.

By Rhoads Crinklaw

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