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Microsoft Teams: Join a meeting - here's how

Microsoft Teams is proving increasingly popular not only in the home office. The application is also ideal for communication within and outside a company. Not only can you work and chat in Teams, but you can also use video calls.

How to join a meeting in Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams, you can either plan and start a meeting on your own or be invited to one. It is recommended to use this function on the PC via LAN or WLAN, as the use via smartphone and tablet is often not sufficient and the data volume is quickly exhausted when using mobile data. To participate in a meeting, you have various options for joining.
  • For example, you can be invited to a meeting via a link. To do this, simply select "Click here" in the message. You will then be redirected to the corresponding conference.
  • You also have the option to join a meeting at Microsoft Teams via your calendar. To do this, select "Calendar" on the left side of the application, where you will then see your meetings. Select the appropriate one and click "Join".
  • An alternative is to join via a channel. If a meeting is taking place there, then you will receive the invitation and all other relevant information via it. Simply click on "Join".
  • Further, you can also participate via the chat. For this, the meeting will be displayed in the last used chats, if it has already started. Select the meeting in the chat bar and then select "Join".

By Rafael

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