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Can you watch Disney Plus on the Nintendo Switch?

The new streaming service Disney Plus is the talk of the town right now. In addition to the fair price of just 69.99 euros a year, Disney shows a comparatively cheap streaming offer compared to competitors. But on which devices can Disney Plus be used?

Can you watch Disney Plus on the Nintendo Switch? Here's how it looks

Disney Plus is not currently available on the Nintendo Switch as an app. This makes it the only top console that didn't make the cut.
  1. Disney Plus can be received on various smart TVs as well as the Apple TV.
  2. Also, the app is available for Android and iOS respectively, so you can always check out what's on offer on the go.
  3. Also represented are Chromecast and Apple Airplay.
  4. On the Xbox One and on the PlayStation 4 Disney Plus can also be used.

Is there hope for the Nintendo Switch?

  1. Since Disney Plus is already available on a very wide range of devices, the question naturally arises whether the Nintendo Switch will also be supported soon.
  2. Neither Disney nor Nintendo have yet given a statement on why this console in particular remains unused.
  3. But since other streaming services are also not represented on the Switch, the prospects are rather poor.
  4. For Netflix, however, there is now a trick to also make Netflix available. So it is a matter of waiting and drinking tea.

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