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Football Manager 2021: Is Genie Scout compatible?

For many gamers, Genie Scout is indispensable and always runs alongside Football Manager. Read whether the popular tool is also compatible with Football Manager 2021 and what it currently looks like.

Deep data insight: Genie Scout is a valuable helper for Football Manager.

We have already explained the strengths of Genie Scout here in connection with Football Manager 2019. All the more interesting is the question of whether the helper also works with the 21 edition.

Football Manager 2021: Genie Scout "g" already available

Genie Scout is free, but by making a donation to the developer, additional features are unlocked. This is also important for the release of Genie Scout for FM 2021:
  • Donors are known to receive the so-called "g" edition. This is compatible with FM 2021 and is already available since November 10, 2020, so just in time for the start of the beta phase.
  • Who wants to use the tool for free, which must still be a little patient. Announced was a release date around mid-December.
For fans of Genie Scout is thus the possibility to be able to use the program already now for Football Manager 2021, by transferring a few euros to the developer.

By Cullin Mcelligott

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