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Can Alexa play radio too? All info

In everyday life, Alexa supports you in doing many tasks as uncomplicated as possible. This includes keeping you entertained. We've researched whether Alexa can also play your favorite radio station for you.

How the radio feature works on Alexa

The good news is that Alexa offers you a radio feature and using it is also very easy.
  1. In order for Alexa to execute your command, it is necessary that you have an Echo or an Echo Dot.
  2. You then need to open your Alexa app and activate the "Radio Player" skill in it. Only then will Alexa be able to process your request.
  3. Don't be surprised if it takes a while to show you that you have successfully activated the skill. This is due to the large amount of data Alexa has to process first.
  4. Make sure the device is turned on and activate Alexa by saying "Hey Alexa".
  5. Now give Alexa the command "Alexa, open the radio player". Already Alexa will play the preset radio station.
  6. You can select the channel you want by giving the command "Alexa, open the radio player and play (name of the station you are looking for)."

Simplify the process

Many radio stations have complex names or you are not even aware of what your favorite station is even called. That's why you can create a favorites list in the Alexa app and assign a numerical value to the different stations. This allows you to play the station you want easily and more effectively.

By McNeil

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