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Listen to the radio with Alexa - these are the options you have

Alexa is Amazon's voice assistant. If you have chosen one of the smart speakers, you can expand the functionality by downloading new skills via the app. Thus, it is possible that you also listen to the radio via the voice assistant.

How to listen to the radio with Alexa

Once you have chosen a smart speaker from Amazon, you can control other devices via voice commands to Alexa. If you also want to expand the functionality, it is possible to download new skills via the app. With these, you add new voice commands. If you want to access radio stations via voice command, this works as follows:
  1. Amazon works with the radio streaming provider TuneIn. Thus, you can access by voice command by default the radio stations that you can also access via the app TuneIn. The appropriate command is, for example, "Alexa, play FluxFM on TuneIn".
  2. An alternative is "radio.de". You can easily install this skill via the app. Then you can search for specific stations by command.
  3. Possibilities also offer a radio player or podcasts. For the latter, you also need to install an additional Skill, even if you want to listen to them via TuneIn. For this, for example, the skill "fyyd:my podcasts" offers itself. You can download this free of charge. Then it is possible, for example, via the command Alexa, open my podcasts to access them.

By Ruperto Lefever

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