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Apple HomePod: Listen to the radio with the smart speaker

With the HomePod from Apple, you also bring the voice assistant Siri into your home. So you can access numerous functions such as the weather query or the lighting system simply by voice command. However, if you want to use the HomePod as a speaker for a radio, that's also possible.

How to listen to the radio with Apple's HomePod

To take advantage of the HomePod and the voice assistant Siri, it is usually paired with your iPhone or iPad. If you want to use the HomePod as a radio, this is only possible via a small detour. This is because the device does not have an antenna with which you can receive radio. Instead, play the contents of a web radio via your HomePod. Note that for this you need an AirPlay-enabled device, such as an iPhone or iPad, so that you can stream the sound to the HomePod.
  1. First select an AirPlay-enabled device that you want to use to play the web radio.
  2. Then download an app with which you can listen to the radio. Hierfür ist jede Radio-App, die Sie im App Store herunterladen können, geeignet.
  3. Achten Sie zudem darauf, dass sich iPhone und HomePod im gleichen WLAN-Netz befinden.
  4. Sobald Sie einen Sender abspielen, sollten Sie direkt das AirPlay-Symbol sehen. Alternativ ist dies auch über das Kontrollzentrum zu erreichen.
  5. Klicken Sie auf das Symbol und wählen Sie Ihren HomePod aus.

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