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Bluetooth speakers: Can I listen to Internet radio?

Bluetooth speakers let you conveniently play music, podcasts, audiobooks and other audio content wirelessly. Some models even offer the option to stream Internet radio without additional devices. However, if the feature is not integrated, there is still a way you can listen to your favorite radio station through the Bluetooth speakers.

How to listen to internet radio through Bluetooth boxes and speakers

Generally, you can listen to online radio stations through any Bluetooth boxes and speakers. However, the question is whether this works without additional devices such as laptop, smartphone or tablet. Simple Bluetooth boxes or speakers do not have such a function integrated in the normal case namely.More extensive playback systems, such as the Bose SoundTouch 10 or the Hama Internet radio IR110MS, have an Internet radio function integrated by default in addition to the simple speaker function via Bluetooth.
  • If your Bluetooth speaker has an Internet radio function, you usually do not have to do more than connect the device to the WLAN and then select the station you want to listen to via the device itself.
  • Many devices also allow you to save the various stations as favorites and put them on a quick dial. So you can conveniently switch between your favorite stations.

Internet radio despite missing function - is it possible?

If your Bluetooth box has no integrated Internet radio function, you can still stream your favorite station via your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer to the box. To do this, connect the devices as usual and play the radio stream. If you stream on the go from your smartphone or tablet, you should keep an eye on the data consumption.

By Cima Luskey

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