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OpenOffice: How to import PDF documents

OpenOffice may not be as well-equipped as editing software as its strong competitor Microsoft Word, but this program can provide some useful features. For example, you can also import, edit and re-export PDF documents in the program.

This is how PDFs are displayed correctly in OpenOffice

When you open a PDF file in OpenOffice without any further ado, you will only find a series of cryptic symbols. This is because the program cannot read the file without the appropriate encoding.
  1. Download the "PDF Import" extension from this website and install it in the OpenOffice directory.
  2. To do this, all you have to do is click on the downloaded OXT file so that the program's "Extension Manager" opens automatically.
  3. Look for the entry for "PDF Import" and then click "Activate".
  4. Now you can search for a PDF file on your computer and right-click and "Open with" to select the program.
  5. Alternatively, launch OpenOffice and simply drag the PDF into the window.

Wie werden PDF-Dateien bearbeitet?

  1. Sobald Sie eine PDF in OpenOffice mit aktivierter Erweiterung öffnen, wird OpenOffice Draw geladen.
  2. In dieser Software kann die Datei problemlos weiter bearbeitet und angepasst werden. Das eignet sich besonders zum Hinzufügen von digitalen Unterschriften oder dem Ausfüllen eines Formulars.
  3. Abschließend navigieren Sie zu „Datei“ und „Speichern unter“ oder „Exportieren“, um die Datei erneut als PDF zu speichern.

By Trstram Mudger

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