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Samsung Galaxy S6: Listen to the radio - here's how it works

There are many ways you can listen to music on your smartphone. Still, for a change, it can be relaxing to just let the radio play on the side with your Samsung Galaxy S6. There are several options for this.

How to go on reception

In older smartphones, there was often still the possibility to receive FM, i.e. radio. However, the Internet has made this function superfluous for manufacturers, which is why you have to resort to an app to be able to listen to the radio.
  1. If you prefer to listen to electronic music, download the app "Digitally Imported Radio". Through it, you can listen to the broadcasts of over 37 radio stations and follow live broadcasts. Since this app also broadcasts events more frequently, it is particularly interesting.
  2. If you want to receive the right station for every situation on your Samsung Galaxy S6 radio, you should download Tuneln Radio. With this app, you can receive 50,000 radio stations from around the world and send them.
  3. Somewhat more comfortable and with more features is the app from Radio.de. You can not only receive radio through it, but also use the search function for specific songs as well as save your favorites. So you can listen to your favorite music again at any time.

This you should know

To use the apps, you must be connected to the Internet. This is because you are streaming the broadcasts and not receiving them via FM. Thus, the apps also access your data volume when you are outside the WLAN.

By Rosen Cruiz

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