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Installing a laptop without an operating system - this is how it works

In addition to laptops with a pre-installed operating system, you can also buy devices completely without an operating system. This is especially convenient if you want to install an already purchased system of your choice on the laptop.

How to install a laptop without an operating system

To install an operating system on a laptop, you first need to create an installation media. Depending on what kind of operating system you want to install, you have several options for doing so. For example, Microsoft provides the Media Creation Tool, which you can use to create a Windows 10 installation DVD or an installation stick. Once you have prepared an installation medium, you can start installing the operating system.
  1. Start the laptop and wait until the message "Disk Boot Failure", "No Boot device found" or "No Boot device available" appears on the screen.
  2. Now either insert the prepared installation DVD into the drive or connect the USB stick.
  3. Press the Enter key to restart the computer. It should then start the installation wizard of the operating system. If this is not the case, you must manually set via the bios that the laptop should boot from the DVD or USB stick.
  4. Restart the computer and press the F2 key or the DEL key immediately after the start to call up the bios.
  5. Navigate to the Boot Device settings in the bios and specify either the CD/DVD drive or the USB port.
  6. Save the settings and restart the laptop to start the installation.

By Buroker

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