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N26: Special offer for DAZN - how to use it

As a modern mobile bank, N26 wants to link finance and lifestyle. To this end, there are many partner offers for N26 customers, including with the sports streaming service DAZN. We introduce the feature.

One month free: N26's DAZN offer is quite attractive for sports fans.

Payment details are required for streaming services anyway. If you are an N26 customer, this has a positive effect on the subscription to DAZN.

N26: How to subscribe to DAZN at the offer price

The cooperation between N26 and DAZN looks like this:
  • N26 have the option to subscribe to DAZN for the first three months for a total of 11.99 euros. Regularly, the service costs 11.99 euros per month; you thus save two-thirds.
  • The offer, however, applies only to new customers who have not yet tried DAZN. The trial month is free anyway, the second month is paid regularly. The third month you get in the N26 deal consequently for free.
  • To start the streaming subscription, go to "Discover N26" in the app or on the website. There you select the DAZN partner offer. Per link "Copy code and go to website" you get to DAZN and can activate the offer there.
The prerequisite for this is that you specify your N26 connection as a debit account during registration.

By Bacon Thorp

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