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FM 2020: The Mezzala - all the info on perhaps the most popular role

Football itself is advancing, bringing forth a high level of specialization. Probably the most trendy role at the moment is that of mezzala. We clarify the term and its meaning in FM 2020.

Center, wing, front, back: The mezzala is an all-rounder and specialist at the same time.

The word mezzala comes from Italian. It is composed of "mezza" (half) and "ala" (wing). Thus, it is already clear in which direction the role of the mezzala goes.

FM 2020: requirements and characteristics of a mezzala

To the mezzala, you should absolutely know the most important basics:
  • The mezzala is a role exclusively for central midfielders. However, the role is only selectable if the player is positioned in one of the two half positions (left or right).
  • The player selected for it must meet many requirements. Because despite his starting position in the center, the mezzala likes to swerve into the side spaces to act as a face-off station or drive the ball himself.
  • Offensive skills are therefore indispensable: on the one hand, technique, passing dribbling and ball reception, but also finishing ability and long-range shooting are required.
  • This is not enough, the mezzala must also take on defensive functions. Coverage and tackling are accordingly important. Endurance is also necessary, as the mezzala is much in motion.
  • In the mental area, overview, behavior without the ball and good decisions are required. A high level of anticipation is also helpful.
The mezzala can be used both in support and focused on the attack. Offensive mezzalas do less defensive work, which should be considered when forming the team. A typical formation in which the mezzala can develop well is 4-3-3 with defensive midfielder, in front of which the mezzala is positioned in combination with another central midfielder (for example, a forward playmaker).

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