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MHW Iceborne: Level up fast - with these tips it works

In Monster Hunter World your character does not automatically become stronger by a higher rank. Still, there are some good reasons to want to level up quickly. With our tips, you can make rapid progress.

Quick progress is also the order of the day in Iceborne - with the right knowledge, it works.

Your rank is primarily important for the Guiding Lands - after all, valuable materials await you there. After completing the main story of Iceborne, there's nothing to stop you from leveling up quickly.

How to level up quickly in Iceborne

To level up quickly, you should know these tips:
  • The classic way still holds: Completing certain event quests gives you extra experience. Events change weekly, however there are always quests for specifically this purpose. Measured in experience per time, this is still one of the fastest ways.
  • The Guiding Lands open up new opportunities for leveling. You get experience for all your activities there, first and foremost for hunting monsters, but also for collected resources and tracks. The following applies: The higher-level the monster, the more experience it brings.
  • Independent on the area and the type of quest also applies: Dragon Elders bring more experience than normal monsters.
It should be noted that there are some limits, as described here. So that it does not become too monotonous, most players rely on a healthy mix between the methods - experience there is, after all, always and in the foreground is still the fun.

By Ilyse

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