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Dark Souls 3: Archdragon Peak - how to find the area

The Archdragon Peak is one of around seven optional areas in Dark Souls 3. To get into the area, you need a special pose that you can find in the normal game world. Learn how to gain access to Archdragon Peak and what there is to discover here.

How to get to the Archdragon Peak

In addition to the normal areas you traverse throughout the game, you can find and explore seven optional areas in Dark Souls 3.
  1. To unlock access to the Archdragon Peak, you need the "Path of the Dragon" pose. You can get this in the room behind the boss Oceiros, which you can find in the garden of the emaciated king.
  2. Once you have unlocked the pose, you need to go to the dungeon of Irithyll. From the beacon there, you need to go through the main corridor to the bridge and cross it.
  3. On the other side of the bridge you will find a grate, which you have already opened earlier in the game. Once you have crossed the grid, turn left and follow the path to the elevator.
  4. Ride the elevator down. There you will find a dragon statue, next to which you must use the previously obtained pose. After a short time, a cutscene is then triggered and you will be teleported to the Archdragon Peak.
As in the other areas, there is a boss on the Archdragon Peak. In keeping with the area name, it is a dragon that bears the title "Old Lindworm". Defeat the boss and you will receive 70,000 souls and a dragon headstone as loot.

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