Ryanair gift voucher, the scam travels via email

Through email is traveling yet another scam attempt related to gift airline tickets, here's how to recognize the fraud and how to defend yourself

This year you failed to take your vacation in August and are waiting for the off-season to give yourself a well-deserved vacation. Be careful, however, while looking for offers for your next trip. Via email, in fact, is circulating yet another scam linked to a fake win of 1000 euros to spend on Ryanair flights.

The fraud, which takes place in the form of a sponsored message, acts in a very sneaky way. Also because it is structured quite well. There are no gross grammatical errors and even the logos of the famous low-cost company are reproduced perfectly. As always, however, on the Net, as well as in the real world, almost nothing is free. And in fact the purpose of the scam is to collect our personal information. In order to get the €1000 winnings back, we will be asked to enter some of our information, such as email address, phone number, home address and date of birth.

How to defend yourself

The user is attracted by the offer, as well as the possibility of winning free trips, also by the expiration date. The message clearly indicates, in fact, that the gift certificate expires on August 30. It is a shame that Ryanair has nothing to do with this offer and the site we are redirected to, if we click on the link in the email, only serves to steal our information. Data that will then be used by cyber criminals to generate a scam against us or to use our identity. As always, the advice is not to click on suspicious links, especially if they arrive via email or on the apps and social media we use every day. Remember then that all winning messages, from vacations to iPhones, are nothing but scams structured by hackers to steal our data or our money.