The Christie Affair: the new miniseries chronicling Agatha Christie

A new TV mini-series about the life of mystery writer Agatha Christie is on the way: everything we know so far

The life of famous mystery writer Agatha Christie will soon become a TV series. The Christie Affair chronicles the days when the writer's trail was lost and will be based on Nina de Gramont's soon-to-be-published novel of the same name.

The news of the mini-series has already piqued the interest of the writer's fans, who are hoping to see the new production soon. In the meantime, what we do know is that British screenwriter Juliette Towhidi has begun working with the Miramax Television studio specifically on the mini-series about Christie and a particular episode in her life, when she disappeared from her Sunningdale home in Berkshire until her car was found on top of a chalk quarry. Miramax will produce the miniseries with Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Rich Green and Gotham Group's DJ Goldberg.

The Christie Affair: the plot

The Christie Affair mini-series is about a particular episode in the famous mystery writer's life. The story is set at the end of 1926, when her husband Archie asks her for a divorce so he can continue his relationship with another woman.

The Christie reacted by leaving her home in Sunningdale and leaving a letter to her secretary saying she was heading to Yorkshire. After 11 days without news of her, the writer's car was found on a chalk quarry. Christie, on the other hand, had been hiding in the spa town of Harrogate under the name of her husband's lover.

In the book Agatha and her rival ally themselves against Archie, in a world where there is no shortage of shadows and darkness, but which is basically about love that overwhelms, constraints of the female condition and, of course, a mysterious murder. Just like the ones Christie's characters are called upon to solve in her books.

The Christie Affair: statements

Nina de Gramont's novel is just the starting point for the mini-series, which has caught the attention of Miramax. In a statement, Miramax Television's Marc Helwig said, "Nina de Gramont has written a surprisingly intelligent, layered and engaging novel, offering a fascinating look at the incredible and peculiar story of Agatha Christie's disappearance."

On the writing of the script, which Towhidi is also collaborating on, Helwig said, "This story is reminiscent of one of Christie's enigmatic works, and we are thrilled to be working with Juliette Towhidi and our partners at Gotham Group to bring the captivating mystery of this murder to the screen."